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Sociology of Childhood - 3671 Words

How the concept of Childhood has evolved over time For this assignment I will explore the concept of childhood and how this has evolved over time across different societies, looking particularly at the role education has in childhood. I will also take a closer look at the different sociological perspectives of childhood and will use these to interpret children’s experiences in order to gain a greater understanding and knowledge of early childhood. I will explore how certain constraints of childhood have emerged over time and how these have shaped our knowledge and understating of children’s lives. What is childhood and when does it end? â€Å"Childhood is a period of growth, that is to say, the period in which the individual, in both the†¦show more content†¦There are many socialisation theories that try to make sense of our socialisation process. â€Å"A socialisation theory is that, we are in effect, produced in childhood by social conditioning. It is only through this process that we become social, and because human beings are essentially social animals, this means that it is only through this process that we become fully human. More specifically we are socialised into understanding and accepting the conventional norms and values of our particular society, and becoming part of a culture; we are socialised into our particular roles, social status and social class; and according to some our own individual personality is also the result of the socialisation process.† (Maynard amp; Thomas, an introduction to Early Childhood studies, 2nd edition, Page 35) I will explore one of these theories in greater detail order to gain a wider understanding of children’s experiences. Rudolph Scaffer... Anthropologists have been particularly interested in the ways in which children are believed to play an active part in their socialisation. There are many questions that have been raised because of this – * Is a child’s personality preformed, unfolding as they get older? * Or is a child like a piece of clay, moulded by the adults? * Do children haveShow MoreRelatedSociology- Childhood1064 Words   |  5 PagesChildhood itself is a slightly ambiguous term, and is not a fixed definite period of life. The book â€Å"AS level sociology† written by Rob webb, Hal Westergaard, Kieth Trobe and Liz Steel defines childhood as â€Å" a socially defined age status† going on to say that there are major differences in how childhood is defined, both historically, and culturally, similarly, Stephen Wagg says of childhood; â€Å"childhood is socially constructed. It is in other words, what members of particular societies, at particularRead MoreThe Basic Tenets of the New Sociology of Childhood2746 Words   |  11 PagesDiscuss the basic tenants and evaluate the utility of the new sociology of childhood in gaining a better understanding of young people. Childhood is the age span ranging from birth to adolescence and its non-specific for it can imply a varying range of years in human development reference. The age ranges anywhere from 12 years to 15years with 18years being most common. Previous research done by sociologists focused on children primarily in termsRead MoreCollege Program Entry Essay: Sociology and Childhood Education556 Words   |  2 PagesMy attraction to this course is rooted in the fascination I have for sociology; I am captivated by its ability to make me see life more critically and impartially. For me, Sociology uses engaging ideas linking with my interest in the structure of society and its influence on our actions, as these topics are applicable to everyday life. Learning about the inner workings of society is something I enjoy and I find various sociological theories interesting and thought provoking; I take pleasure in applyingRead MoreSocial Construction of Childhood Essay1286 Words   |  6 PagesAmeric an, British and continental writers (Burr, 1995). However, in childhood studies this notion appears later on. It is mostly held universally, childhood is a stage that biologically existing in human life in early years. It should be considered this childhood is constructed in the society. As a social being, it brings into the mind the relationship between society and child, inevitably. However, the dominant understanding of childhood attributes biological and social development, as figurative symbolsRead MoreChildhood: The Happiest Time of a Persons Life, or Not?877 Words   |  4 Pages Is Childhood the Happiest Time of a Persons Life? Psychology is the study of the operation, development, and disorders of human mental processes. In simple words it is the science of human thinking and behavior. The word psychology originated from the ancient Greek words â€Å"psyche† which means soul and â€Å"logos† which means science. (, n.d.) It literally means the science of the soul. Psychology has diverse disciplines which are closely related to all aspects of life, andRead MoreEthnography And Its Difference From Other Research Methods1439 Words   |  6 Pagesprocess to go sufficiently to obtain the truthful answers of childers perspective. Another method I would use is part of the non traditional method of allowing the child to be part of the research process which is identified under the new sociology of childhood. The method of allowing children to be part of a research is an interesting method because it allows children to be co producers of the research process.This process allows researchers to access other information that they would not be ableRead MoreWhat I Have Learned From A Social Theory Class1240 Words   |  5 PagesMead Cooley In this sociology paper I will present what I have learned from this social theory class. We learned about many miraculous theorists such as Karl Marx, Auguste Comete, Herb Spencer, Emile Durkheim and many more theorists. I will present what I have learned by comparing and contrasting George Herbert Mead and Charles Horton Cooley. This paper will examine what both of these great theorists studied, some of their background info and theory. George Herbert Mead George Herbert MeadRead MoreThe Determinants Of Child Poverty Essay1526 Words   |  7 PagesGaelle Einsweiler and Jaclyn Perlman Mrs.Taylor/Period 1 Sociology Accelerated October 6, 2016 Determinants of Child Poverty in the US For our first sociology project, we decided to broaden our knowledge and intellectual curiosity on child poverty in the United States today. We chose this study and topic because we believe that this topic is of national importance and must be addressed and studied at the county level, as well. This is an issue that we can see and directly relate to in our own stateRead MoreHarriet Martineau, The Founding Mother Of Sociology924 Words   |  4 PagesHarriet Martineau, emerged as the founding mother of sociology. Inspired by Auguste Comte’s perspectives on positivism, Martineau advocated the use of scientific method and logic in sociological findings. She brought her sociological thought and studies to the United States and added a feminist voice to the field; calling for suffrage and education, she used applied sociology to advocate for change (Diniejko, 2010). Before Harriet Martineau, sociology was a field dominated by men, but her education andRead MoreStatus And Social St atus1271 Words   |  6 PagesRegardless of conflicts or strains, roles define how a person with a certain status should carry their self and the status defines how people in society interact with them. The interactions we have based on status and roles are a part of our lives from childhood through to adulthood. We are born with the ascribed status of man or woman, eventually man and woman may marry and achieve the status of husband and wife. If we choose to become a parents, husband and wife also become father and mother and the

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