Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Probable strategies or measures to be implemented by the authorities Essay

Probable strategies or measures to be implemented by the authorities for Counterterrorism acts - Essay Example It is so much obvious that the organizational head-quarters are of these terrorist organizations are situated in Pakistan and the terrorists use a favorable gateway into India through Bangladesh but international fraternity hardly ever grant a cross border action plan to counter cross border terrorism. On the western part of the globe in the United States and in the United Kingdoms the story of Islamic terrorism is no different. Over here, it is not a problem of cross border terrorism because in these cases of the two countries, sadly enough, the Islamic terrorists are part of their own demography and most of the acts of cross border terrorisms are committed via information channeling. Thus it is more important for countries like United States and United Kingdoms to formulate a substantial strategy to counter terrorism in the most effective manner possible. It should be remembered that the disaster of 9/11 took place when the terrorists took advantage of the American social way of life where the number of domestic frequent fliers are high enough to suffer a low security system. The same is true about London underground rail blast. In both the cases the terrorists took advantage of the counties' way of social life and it would be impossible to alter this way of life putting security as an alibi where the menace is basically organized by a fundamentalist motive. No country should rupture ever under such motives. Prelude to the probable action plans In view of the documents found in the apartment of a suspected Al Qaeda member Anas al-Liby, in Manchester, England, May 2000 it could be stated that the systematic formulation of the general action plans of terrorist activities mentioned in the document indicates a well organized sect being involved in this procedure of destructions. It should be noted that few chapters like the Eighteenth Lesson: Prisons and Detention Centers are truly gruesome and people who are able to execute or simply thing of such proceedings should be stopped at all cost. As it is obvious that the training manual not only indicates activities centering US and UK only but also is applicable to other countries as well, like India, who oppose Islamic fundamentalist's concept of Islamic rule around the world. Therefore it is extremely essential to bifurcate the strategy into two sections viz. Domestic strategies and international strategies. Domestic Strategies: In accordance to the training manual the Military Organization dictates a number of requirements to assist it in confrontation and endurance. These are: 1. Forged documents and counterfeit currency 2. Apartments and hiding places 3. Communication means 4. Transportation means 5. Information 6. Arms and ammunition 7. Transport Under the perception of these operations it would possible to underline strategies based on each of the mentioned point. Forged documents and counterfeit currency: First of all, there is the problem of forged documents and counterfeit currency. To negotiate these and to control probable and further infiltrations the authorities must make it

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